Caer Ibormeith: Goddess of Dreams, Prophecy & Sleep

Caer Ibormeith is the Celtic Goddess of Dreams, Prophecy, and Sleep. She was the daughter of Ethal Anbuail of Sid Uamuin of the Tuatha de Dannan. One story about her was what she did each Samhain. She was a shapeshifter and would spend one year as a beautiful woman and then a year as a beautiful swan. She would change each Samhain. She was very independent, and she was stronger than her father. So each Samhain she would go to the lake of Dragon’s Mouth and change shape for the year.

Another story about Caer Ibormeith was a result of her independent ways. She was determined to be the one to decide who she would marry. She decided that she wanted to marry Aengus the Celtic God of Love, Youth, and Poetic Inspiration. So she started to appear in Aengus’s dreams. For a year Aengus dreamed of the mysterious woman, but each time he would reach for her she would disappear. Over time he didn’t want to do anything but sleep, where he would dream of Caer Ibormeith. But he did not know who she was, so he decided to look for her. He asked for help from his family, and with them all working to find her they soon discovered who her father was. Aengus then went to her father Ethal Anbuail to ask for her hand in marriage. Ethal told Aengus that he could not grant him such a favor. Because Caer Ibormeith was not one to do something she did not wish to do, and she was much more powerful than he was. But he also told Aengus how he might be able to win her out of her own free will. Aengus was told to go to the lake of the Dragon’s Mouth on Samhain. It was there that he would find Caer Ibormeith and her 150 handmaidens. He would need to be able to pick her out while she was in her swan form. He would need to be able to pick her out from her 150 handmaidens and call to her. Then she might go to him of her own free will. He looked at all of the swan’s swimming in the lake. As he looked at all of the swans he realized, they were all beautiful, and they all wore silver chains. He doubted he would be able to find Caer Ibormeith, but then he saw one swan that was different. This swan was wearing a silver and gold chain, and it was more beautiful and elegant than all of the rest. He then knew it was her and called to her. Caer Ibormeith slowly swam to him and then changed into her human form. Aengus asked her to be his wife. She replied with a single condition. She would marry him if she could return to the water. To answer her Aengus turned himself into a swan and joined her in the water. They swam together singing a beautiful song that put the townspeople to sleep for three days.

Caer Ibormeith proves a few things in her myths. She shows that she is a powerful and independent woman who goes after what she desires. She visits the man she loves in his dreams to the point that he comes to find her and prove his love. She is the Celtic Goddess of Dreams, Prophecy, and Sleep. She has also been called Shapely Yew Berry and Yew berry. I associate the colors of silver and gold to her because of the silver and gold chains her and her handmaidens wore. I also associate the color white to her because that is the color of swan she was. I also associate white feathers to her because of her being able to transform into a swan. I also associate water with her because she wished to be able to return to the water. I associate music and number three with her because they sang and the townspeople slept for three days. She is also associated with dreams since she went to Aengus through his dreams. She is also associated with swans, which are symbols of love, purity, the soul and music.

Obsidian A Stone for Samhain

Obsidian is one of those crystals that almost everyone knows and has a use for. Obsidian is actually a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has been used for centuries. The uses for obsidian range from blades and arrowheads to mirrors. I love using my Obsidian for divination. I also love using obsidian for grounding after a long ritual.

Obsidian has a Mohs hardness of 5-6. It has masculine energy and is connected to the planets of Saturn and Pluto. It can be used for Chakra workings dealing with the Root Chakra. It is connected to the element of Fire and Earth, but I see it mostly as having a connection to Fire. It can be used to honor several deities such as Pele, Hine-Nui-Te-Po, Ereshkigal, Itzpapalotui, Jana, and Edda. It can also be used on altars during Samhain since it has strong connections with that sabbat. Magically it can be used for protection, grounding, divination, peace, confidence, strength, and productivity. It is a great crystal to use for shadow work because of its properties. It is seen often as a “mirror” stone which can help you to look deep into your inner self. It is often used for divination and for scrying. When using in meditation it is a very powerful stone. When used in meditation it is a powerful tool in clearing any unconscious blocks and any buried emotions that you wish to deal with. If worn it can be a form of protection from negativity and psychic attacks. There are many types of obsidian such as Apache Tear, Mahogany, Snowflake, Rainbow, and Gold sheen.

Chamomile: Herb of Calmness

Chamomile has been a popular herb since ancient times, but from then to now it can cause some confusion. The confusion stems from there being two different Chamomile, both are in the same family but they are two totally different plants. There is Roman Chamomile Chamaemelum nobile and then there is Greman Chamomile Matricaria recutita. They both belong to the Compositae family which also includes daisy, dandelion, and marigold. Both plants have many of the same common traits which adds to everyone’s confusion. 

  • they both have the same common name
  •  they both like full sun or partial shade
  •   they both have the same fragrance
  •  they both bloom in the spring through late summer
  •   they both have daisy like flowers with feather like foliage

 But there are ways that you can tell them apart more easily. For one Roman Chamomile is a perennial that only grows to be about 9 inches tall, and its fragrance is slightly stronger. While German Chamomile is an annual that can grow up to 2-3 feet tall. 

Chamomile was a must have in ancient gardens and is still a great one to have in your garden since it is so very handy. The German Chamomile is so hardy that it has been used for lawns since it doesn’t mind being walked on. It is one of my favorite teas and I am not alone since it is one of the most popular herbal teas here in the USA. The Greeks thought the apple scented flowers smelled so much like apples they named it Chamomile which means “ ground apple”. They used Chamomile herbally for relieving headaches and to help with kidney, liver, and bladder problems. The Egyptians used it to fight fevers and malarial chills that plagued their ancient civilization. While in Spain they used it to flavor very fine sherry. In ancient times until modern day, chamomile has been used as a hair rinse because of its natural ability to accent natural blond highlights. A Chamomile infusion can be made for a very soothing bath. It is often used in ointments, lotion, vapor baths, and in inhalations which are made from Chamomile extract. Now the extracts have also been found to help as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and as a natural tranquilizer. It has been a commonly used in compressed because it can help prevent wound infections. This is because it has been found to stimulate the immune system’s infection-fighting white blood cells. The sweet apple scent of Chamomile also makes the daisy like flowers the perfect addition to potpourris and dried flower arrangements. 

Magickally both of the Chamomile have the same properties and go by several folk names such as Camomile, Chamaimeln, Ground Apple, Maythen, and Whigplant. Chamomile is masculine and associated with the Sun and the element of Water. It can be used magickally for prosperity, protection, purification, meditation, rest, calmness, sleep, and love. If you need to remove a curse or spell that was cast against you, you can use chamomile by sprinkling it around your property which will remove it from you.


The milky whiteness to clear selenite with its silky shimmers on it always catches my attention. Each time I pick up a piece of Selenite the energy of it shocks me and I just can’t get enough Selenite so my collection keeps growing. Selenite is one of the softer crystals and only has a Mhos hardness of a 2, which means even a fingernail can scratch it.

It has a strong connection to the Moon and with the Goddess Selene which it was named after. It has feminine energy and is connected to the element of Water. It is helpful when working with the Third Eye and Sacral chakra. It is very helpful to use in the cleansing of energy from other crystals and yourself and the environment. It has a very high vibrational energy which makes it wonderful to use. Magickally you can use it in divination, physical energy, and spiritual growth. Selenite is also one of the strongest cleansers so I like to use it for cleaning other crystals that I have. I will take my Selenite wands and carefully position them so that they form a pyramid. I then I can place what ever I wish to cleanse under it. The energy of the selenite and pyramid will work together to cleanse what ever I have under it.

Myrddin Wyllt A Woodland Celtic God

Myrddin Wyllt is a Welsh/Celtic Woodland God. He was born sometime around 540 A.D. and has a twin sister named Gwendydd. This is a god that there is not very much information on at all but one thing that comes up is that He had the gift of clairvoyance. He also was a royal bard because he sometimes was overcome with poetic inspiration. He was also a warrior and fought in many battles. But after he fought in the Battle of Arfderydd He went a little mad and ran off to live in the woods. While living in the woods He stayed surrounded by animals which he preferred to humans. While living in the woods his gift of prophecy also grew. He even saw his death of being stabbed, falling and drowning as he died, which came true. He died by being driven off a cliff and falling onto a stake. The stake was left by some fishermen and when he landed he landed with his head underwater. So he did die by falling, stabbing and drowning all at once.

He was seen as being a Druid and a Woodland God. He goes by a few alternate names such as Merlin, Myrddin the Wild, Merlin the Wizard, Merlin the Wild, and Merlin the Wild One. He corresponds with all animals, but especially Stags. He also corresponds to the colors of blue, grey, silver, green, and brown. He is connected to the trees of Apple, Oak, and Sycamore, but all trees are one of his symbols. Other symbols that represent him besides trees are cups, caves, and woodlands. Herbs that correspond to Myrddin Wyllt are apple and oak. He influences animals and prophecy. He is good to call on when you wish to enhance your psychic abilities. I also feel that he would be helpful when you need to reconnect with yourself. Because he went into the woods to reconnect with himself. Because he could not handle everything that went on during the Battle of Arfderydd, that caused him to go insane with guilt and grief. It was because of this grief that he went into the woods to live with the animals and to find peace again within himself. Once in the woods, he did find some peace, there alone with the animals and that is why his gift of prophecy grew. After some time he left the woods to go help the people of his homeland.

Hazel: Tree of Wisdom

Hazelnut is one of my favorite flavors, especially for my coffee! And this month is the perfect time to talk about Hazel trees because Hazel is the Celtic tree of the month from August 5th to September 1st. It is a deciduous tree that is native to the Northern Hemisphere. Hazel trees or Corylus spp. belong to the Betulaceae family, which is the same as the Birch trees. They have rounded leaves with double-serrate margins and they flower in the spring. The fruit is hazelnuts, which has been one of my favorite nuts since I was a child. The Hazel tree has a rich history and many uses. The Celtic believed that hazelnuts gave you wisdom and inspiration. It is also said that if you take hazelnuts and string them onto a cord and then hang them in your home, you can enlist in the aid of the plant faeries. Then for hundreds of years, it was Hazel branches that were commonly used for dowsing, which is using a forked stick to find water. It is said that if you eat the hazelnuts they can help with increasing wisdom and fertility, and are sometimes ate right before doing divination. There is a belief that if you carry a hazelnut in your pocket it will increase your fertility. There is a belief that Hazel can protect you from lightning by placing twigs of hazel in all of your windows so it will not strike your home. Then it is said that if you need protection then draw a circle in the dirt around you with a stick from a Hazel tree.

Hazel is masculine and connected to the element of Air and the Sun. It is sacred to Mercury, Thor, Artemis, and Diana. And is good for magickal workings dealing with luck, fertility, anti-lightning, protection, wisdom, wishes, fairies, healing, communication, inspiration, wands, manifesting, spirit contact, prosperity, dreams, and divination: dowsing. Hazel is one of the best woods to make all-purpose wands out of.

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Phoenix: Keeper of Fire

Just about everyone has heard about the Phoenix, the mythical bird of fire that would sacrifice itself and burn up in flames to be reborn from its ashes. There are legends from all over the world about the Phoenix but they all have seen them as a symbol for rebirth and transformation. The Egyptians called them Benna, and connected them to the Sun God RaThe Greeks believed that the Phoenix would build a nest in the cypress trees. Once the nest was built they would flap their wings together to start burning and burn until they were ashes. Then after three days, the Phoenix would be reborn to live again. The Romans say them as a symbol that their empire would be everlasting. Christians associated the Phoenix with Jesus, since they both sacrificed themselves and are reborn three days after their death. The Chinese called them Fe’ng Huang and believe that the Phoenix was sent to mankind to assist them in their development. They also see the Phoenix representing the yin and yang and that they always come in pairs. Many other cultures have folklore about Phoenixes. And they all go by different names such as the Native Americans called themThunderbird, but the Russians called them Firebird.

But despite where the folklore comes from they have many of the same correspondences and meanings. Phoenixes have a strong association with the Sun and the element of Fire. Most are said to be gold, red and purple. It is said that if you burn myrrh you will draw them to you. Then some think they gather myrrh, cinnamon, and cassia to make their nest from. Phoenixes are also seen and the keepers of Fire and once they burn to ashes they leave a golden egg from which it will hatch from after 3 days. The time to honor them is early in the morning as the Sun rises, or late in the evening just as the Sunsets. This is because just as the Sun “dies” each night, each morning it is “reborn”. They are also connected to both spring and autumn. The tears of a Phoenix are said to have great healing powers. And if a Phoenix comes to you it is a good omen. They can remind us that the end is only a new beginning. They are said to bestow the wisdom of life, of death & rebirth, along with hope & freedom from depression and despair. They can help you by giving you the courage to face your fears. They represent transformation, rebirth, death, strength, power, immortality, protection, renewal, resurrection, imagination, and balance.

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Bay Laurel: Symbol of Glory and Reward

Since ancient Greece Bay Laurel has been a symbol of glory, reward. And it all started with the Greek God Apollo who loved the beautiful nymph Daphne, only she did not love him back. So she went to the other Gods and pleaded for their help. It was then that her father Peneus changed her into a laurel tree so that Apollo wouldn’t be able to chase her anymore. When Apollo discovered she had been turned into the laurel tree he bowed down before it and declared it would be sacred for eternally. Then wreaths of laurel became a symbol for glory and reward. They were given to warriors, poets, emperors, and the winners of the Olympics. And Bay Laurel didn’t just influence the Greeks, but it has stayed a symbol in the modern world also. Apollo was the Greek God of medicine and even in now it is still used in the Hippocratic oath that medical students recite.

Herbalist also used it throughout the ages since it is seen as being an astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, narcotic, and stimulant. In the Middle ages, it was often prescribed to promote menstruation and to induce abortions. It also helps to relax the body while soothing the stomach and relieving flatulence. It can help to soothe the aches and pains of arthritis.

Bay Laurel trees (Laurus nobilis) are in the Lauraceae family, which also includes avocado, cinnamon, and nutmeg. They are a small evergreen tree that has shiny gray bark with shiny, leathery, dark green leaves. They do tend to be hard to grow and can not survive a cold winter at all. But they do grow well in a pot indoors. If grown indoors they can reach 6-8 ft. tall and you will have a ready supply of Bay leaves all year. Culinary Bay leaves are often used in soups, stews, tomato sauces, and they work well with shellfish, meats, and sausages.

Magickally they are masculine and connected to the Sun and the element of Fire. Bay is not just sacred to Apollo, but also to Aesculapius, Ceres, Faunus, and Eros. It is said to have posers of protection, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength, wishes, divination, justice, wisdom, and promotion. There are many ways to use Bay leaves magickally, the most common way is to write wishes on a leaf and then burn them. But they can also be used in teas for clairvoyance and wisdom. They are also said to help bring prophetic dreams if you place them under your pillow. They can be used in amulets to help with warding off negativity and evil. They can be used to help cause visions by burning them. If you mix Bay leaves with sandalwood and then burn the mixture it is helpful to remove curses and evil spells. I have recently used Bay leaves in a cleansing ritual and it worked very well. Bay leaves are also very popular to use in decorations for Yule. With all of the many uses, it is no wonder why it can be commonly found in spice racks and one of the most commonly used herbs by witches and pagans across the world.

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Prosperity Crystal Grid and Spell

All of us from time to time need a little help with the finances, and this spell is for those times. When I decide to write a spell, especially a crystal one, I will first look at what I have on hand, and I recommend you to do the same. These crystals are what I have and any of them can be replaced with another crystal that is used for prosperity workings. I always recommend to also use your instinct, the spell will be stronger if you do since you are adding more of your energy to it.

Prosperity Crystal Grid and Spell

Purpose of the Spell: To draw money to you to help with bills.

Items Needed for the Spell, Including the Purpose of Each Item:

Moon Phase and Explanation: New Moon (abundance) or Full Moon (prosperity)

Day of the Week and Explanation: Thursday or Sunday, both are good for prosperity spells

Sun Phase: Morning between 9-11 am

Altar and Circle Setup: Each element candle in their proper corners. Water dish in between the water and earth candles. Sage and shell between the Air and Fire candles. Center of altar place the green paper. Place the green candle and holder at the top of the altar between the Earth and Air candles. Place other materials close by so you can get to them easily.

Preparation Before the Spell: Cleanse everything with sage and set the altar up before starting the spell. Then make your sacred circle and light your elemental candles.

Spell: To start your spell first ground and center yourself. The first thing to do will be to dress your candle. You will need to sprinkle 3 pinches of Basil, cinnamon, and chamomile onto your spare paper or paper towel. Next, take and add 3 drops of Bergamot essential oil into your carrier oil ( I used olive oil). Then dip your fingertips into the oil and start at the top of the candle and rub the oil down the candle to the middle of it., you will need to do this all around the candle. Then repeat the process but start at the bottom of the candle and going up to the middle of it. This will draw the money to you. Once the candle is covered in oil, then place it onto the herbs you sprinkled on the paper and gently roll it in them until the candle is covered in the herbs. Then carefully place it into the candle holder. Light your candle and then say the chant 8 times as you place your crystals onto the paper. For the crystals, I always start with the center one and then work my way out. Also just place them however you feel called to place them, you do not have to place them exactly like mine. Once you have your crystals placed, then you will need to activate it to do this take the extra clear quartz and touch the center stone and then one of the other crystals, then back to the center. Move around the grid until you have connected all of them to the center crystal.

Chant: Say the chant 8 times (8 for prosperity)

Send money my way,

I have bills to pay,

Let them be paid each day!

Ending Information: Let the candle burn out naturally if possible and then dispose of any extra wax. Leave your crystal grid up until the next Full Moon.

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